Funny People

This shall be my first review, and it is of the new picture entitled "Funny Persons", by a Mr. Judd Apatow. The picture, composing of several reels too many, regards the comedy revues of many players, the central of which being Misters George Simmons and Ira Wright (being the brother of Orville and Wilbur).
As far as I can tell, the material is taken from much more famous Vaudeville routines, and if Mr. Simmons isn't based entirely on comedian Mr. Charles Grapewin, I'll eat my hat. The "comedy" presented here is entirely too crass for polite society, and how! Many jokes concern genitals and fornication, and they even had the gall to include a woman onstage once or twice.
A focus for much of the show was on the friendship betwixt Misters Simmons and Wright. The former being a well established standing-up Vaudevillian and the latter being a lazy lollygagger who lives with two lads, a fat fellow and some sort of effeminate young three-letter man who play-acts at being a school teacher. Mister Wright is jealous of the talents and good fortune of his friend until he meets Mister Simmons and becomes his ward.
Somewhat into the picture, Mister Simmons learns the unfortunate news that he is afflicted with a rare pox and begins using experimental tonics from a snake-oil salesman. He goes a tad off his nuts, and varies betwixt treating Mister Wright with aplomb and applesauce. Much dramas come from his ill health and he learns quickly that he needs to live life on the ritz.
Many writings I'm afraid went over my head, as I haven't the foggiest what a My Space is or why characters spoke so often into a portable transistor radio not hooked up to anything.
Another piece of hooey in this picture comes from the hot toddie Miss Laura, being the vamp that Mister Simmons has affections for. I'm sure that she is there to teach him something-or-other, but as far as I'm concerned she wouldn't say boo to a goose.
As for how the picture ended, I'm afraid I can't be bothered to tell you as I exited the matinee at half-past four for my evening brandy.

Judgment Being:
4 of 5 Top Hats


  1. Funny, your father wasn't too fond of this movie, and you gave it 4 hats. Perhaps you should lend me one and we'll go to a movie together, old-school style, like they used to do in the 20s. All dressed up with someplace to go.

    No worries, i'll keep my eye on you. The one good one that is, as the glass one has... well, that's another story.

    Nonetheless, I'll shall now be watching, and reading, this blog.


  2. I will be watching you too, as I'll shall is a redundant language usage.

  3. most enjoyable. looking forward to more of this revue reviews on this newfangled picturebox of a "computer" - they say the devil is the one who controls the interwebs...

  4. Salutations Cornelius. I read with much delight your revue on "Funny Persons." I agree it is a comedy of crass language and general obfuscation. I hadn't the foggiest idea of what I'd seen after I left the matinee. Of course I also left early as I was having high tea with mother. Eagerly do I await your forthcoming writings on what I believe is being termed "moving pictures."