A brief note on the author's glorious return

As an upstanding gentleman of the arts, it is sometimes unavoidable to be overtaken by the rigors of the vital work I provide to you, my fair readers. In such I am occasion'ly overwhelmed, and must take a brief period of rest, as may any author of noble lineage and fine breeding. 

After providing my most recent revue review in September last, I, your humble author, took it upon myself to rest my pipe and monocle and take a quick nap. I awoke recently, re-freshed, re-newed and re-vitalized, ready to return with gumption and vigor to my trusty ink and quill. 

Imagine, dear reader, my surprise upon learning of the outcry at my absence! I was gone but a short while. I submit a query: which of you has had time to see more than one picture show since September last? Do you fellows really attend the cinema-house that often? Do my readers demand of me my opinion more than once yearly?

Alas, it is so. And so I pledge to make a triumphant return. Once weekly I shall provide you, my simple readers, the pleasures of my quill, to be stopped not by rain nor hail the the absolute foulest of weather.

Unless of course, I feel another nap coming on.

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