Russia- a wild land of serfs, furs, and potato liquor. But a world power? A threat to the liberties, apple pies and hearty ales of America? Poppycock. Why, this is a peoples who lack even the wherewithall to think of heating up their beet soup.  
The reason, then, that this picture proposes the portent of this placid populace perplexes me. What have we to fear from fluffy hats and nesting dolls?
Regardless, this picture show is entitled 'Salt', named for the main character and for the spice used to keep their herring fresh. Played adequately by a Ms. Angelina Jolie, Madame Salt works for the United States Government under our current president, William Howard Taft, whose sole connection to Russia is undoubtedly his fondness for vast amounts of Beef Stroganoff. 
Ms. Salt is accused thusly of being an agent of espionage for the aforementioned slavic country, and must either prove her innocence or thwart her captors. Through a serious of twists and turns in the plot we find the true nature of Ms. Salt, of which I shall not spoil for you, my faithful readers, herewith. Somewhat because myself as an author has utmost respect for the untarnished viewing experience, and partly because all this talk of Russian cuisine caused me to leave the picture-house early in search for a hearty Chicken Kiev.  

Judgement Being:
2 of 5 Top Hats

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